Previous Projects

Corridor Gallery

Diversis Artibus Co-op

Emma Clear: Co-Director

CORRIDOR GALLERY was opened on 6th September 2015 by the artists co-operative Diversis Artibus Co-op Ltd. As one of the co-directors of Diversis Artibus my main focus was to assist the co-operative in seeking a premises to create an exhibition venue in Brighton, East Sussex. Previous to the opening of the gallery the co-operative had a number of projects including film-making, retailing artworks and local artists promotion. The opening of the gallery was a culmination of our projects and our aim goal.

CORRIDOR GALLERY held mainly solo monthly shows, with work ranging from painting and illustration, to sculpture, photography, collage and printmaking. Our exhibitions showcased the talent of Brighton’s fine art and craft world and involved the co-ordination of over 30 artists. Corridor Gallery closed its doors in January 2017.

Life Drawing / Group Drawing Sessions

Emma Clear: Facilitator, Teacher

Over three seasons a year, Life Drawing sessions ran weekly (2012-2013). These sessions we facilitated as an opportunity for participants to learn new skills and hone drawing skills through led workshops or drop-in sessions. These alternated between taught classes and practise based life drawing sessions. Taught classes consisted of beginner level to more advanced mark making skills.

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